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  • Read the story and

    inspire the tradition.

  • At the first sign of every
    loose tooth

    My Best Tooth Fairy
    Friend Appears.

  • When the tooth falls out
    My BTTF takes it back to
    Fairy Land, Leaving behind

    keepsake notescards
    and stickers.

  • star-icon Beautifully Illustrated Book
  • star-icon Choice of Girl or Boy Handmade BTFF Doll
  • star-icon Tooth Vessel
  • star-icon Sticker Badges
  • star-icon Keepsake Notecards

The Kit Includes...

star-iconChoice of Boy or Girl Handmade BTFF Doll
star-iconBeautifully Illustrated Book
star-iconKeepsake Notecards
star-iconTooth Vessel
star-iconSticker Badges

My Best Tooth Fairy Friend.

A spunky loveable companion for any child about to lose a tooth. It’s easy, it’s fun and you’ll always be ready for those magical moments!

Other BTFF Friends Have Lots to Say

Danielle G.

February 28

We Love our BTFF’s! Each of our kids has their own, a boy and a girl! They’re always up to fun shenanigans through the year, and with our holiday elves at Christmas too!

Diane M

May 30

As a retailer we search for products that are fun, whimsical, and magical!We found all three in My BTFF!Who doesn't love having their own special Tooth Fairy who will magically care for your lost tooth and sprinkle it with fairy dust.Our customers have loved this interactive book. It's our go to gift suggestion!

Bob B.

June 13

I don't have any children, but I always try to look for unique and special gifts for my friends that do. I purchased two of these one as a baby shower gift, the Mommy to be loved it! The other for my sisters 4 year old, we read the book together and our little Scarlett was enchanted she named her fairy Toni.

Kerstin L

July 15

That once in a lifetime occurrence when the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy come on the same night. My BTFF / My Best Tooth Fairy Friend #NoNightOff

Lovey S.

November 28

Sophia's tooth is out and she is with her #mybtff

Nicole S.

November 31

Stella loves her BTFF! It came just in time for her front tooth

Pamela R.

December 10

Exciting day! Sarah lost her second tooth this morning and is super excited for a visit with MY BTFF tonight! @mybtff

Lovey S.

December 20

Morgan Loves..."My Best Tooth Fairy Friend"...❤️❤️!!

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