Happy National Tooth Fairy Day!

@_mybookaddiction_ via Instagram

Happy National Tooth Fairy Day! (I never knew this day existed until this year, apparently there are two tooth fairy days per year, who knew?!) To celebrate, I wanted to share this fun book, My BTFF. You might be wondering who or what that is, well it’s your Best Tooth Fairy Friend of course! .This is a cute book about every child’s tooth fairy friend. It comes with a cute doll plush (boy or girl, you choose!) and keepsake cards to leave your child after they lose a tooth. My little guy is quite the realist and doesn’t quite know if he believes in the tooth fairy (he’s only 5😭)but he really enjoyed the book! The text is rhyming and the illustrations are great. Losing a tooth is a huge milestone for kids and this can be a great way to help celebrate it 😊.

Fair warning though, have some answers ready about the tooth fairy/magic etc before reading the book if you want to make sure your kids still believe in the elusive tooth fairy! (Thanks for sharing @mybtff 😊)